More About Me

A little bit about me

I am the proud father of Emily and Audrey. My life and dreams begin and end with them. If it were possible, I would have to say spending time with my family could keep me happy and occupied 100% of my waking hours. They on the other hand are probably quite happy that most of my time awake is centered in the world of real estate and not following them around. I came to the Northwest in 1965 and have lived in the Seattle area since 1975. The last 30 years have been here on the Eastside when I also began my career in Real Estate. My hobbies and interests, which have been sidetracked a bit like the rest of us would include traveling, sporting events, music, film, "good eats", conversation, skiing and golf. And believe me, any chance I get to partake in any of the above are quite appreciated these days!!!

What I do and how I got there

Like most of us, there is a job title attached to our lives somewhere down the line. I am a Broker, and like to think of myself as a very good one for various reasons. I was lucky to learn from some of the best people and companies in the area. I have experienced many great opportunities working for John L. Scott, The Lakemont Company, Coldwell Banker, and for the last 22 years Windermere Real Estate. 30 years ago I began with J.L.Scott and soon had the privilege of working with the development and sales team for the Lakemont community. There I cut my teeth on the inner workings of what it takes to build and sell a community from the ground up. 8 years later, 625 homes, streets, yards, parks, and a shopping village have made the area a neighborhood where any homeowner would be proud to answer the question “Where do you live?" “I live in Lakemont". One of the best aspects of the growing period of Lakemont was the literally hundreds of people I met and interviewed who were considering it as a place they wanted to live. It is truly a wide and varied world we live in. I quickly learned there isn't one perfect home for every person or family. Listening became another necessary skill. Many homes were already built so buyers were able to visualize themselves in that environment rather easily. But much of what we offered came in the form of raw land. This is where it became quite tricky and sometimes complicated. Fortunately, we had many of the areas best builders and architects more than willing to help in the home building process. This again was an invaluable experience. But alas, all good things come to an end and the development was complete! It became hard to leave such a wonderful I didn't. It seemed I had become attached to the area and also a self described "expert" that felt I could best serve clients whether they be buyers or sellers by staying on and specializing in this immediate geographical area. There were numerous other agents willing to become so called experts in "Washington" real estate.

Expanding and Growing

The last ten+ years have had a dramatic effect on most of us and real estate especially. We have all been forced to evolve or adapt. At the end of the day though I have decided that the most important aspect of my career is to help my clients to achieve their goals. If I can successfully accomplish that one thing then my personal goals will be realized as well!

Experience counts!

This is the condensed version of 30 years of experience, bringing with it numerous adventures, mostly satisfied clients and a whole lot of learning in between. Please allow me, to help you, build your real estate dreams!