More About Me

A little bit about me

I am the proud father of Emily and Audrey. My life and dreams begin and end with them. If it were possible, I would have to say spending time with my family could keep me happy and occupied 100% of my waking hours. They on the other hand are probably quite happy that most of my time awake is centered in the world of real estate and not following them around. I came to the Northwest in 1965 and have lived in the Seattle area since 1975. The last 30 years have been here on the Eastside when I also began my career in Real Estate. My hobbies and interests, which have been sidetracked a bit like the rest of us would include traveling, sporting events, music, film, "good eats", conversation, skiing and golf. And believe me, any chance I get to partake in any of the above are quite appreciated these days!!!